Dominion: Empire of the Stars has a number of overarching themes that appear in it, both in the game overall and on an age-by-age basis.

Overall themes

  • Space Opera
  • Government Simulation - Dominion is essentially a game where the player simulates the government of an empire and its interactions with others.
  • Scientific Romance - Dominion aims to paint empires in an essentially favourable light, firmly set in the Victorian tradition.
  • FTL Travel via Jumpgates - The primary method of travel, and indeed the only method of faster than light travel until the Third Age is via the jumpgates of the Helios Network

Themes of the Dark Age & Ancients

First Age Themes

  • Totalitarianism
  • Pan-Galactic Governance
  • Racial (Human) Supremacy
  • Galactic Conquest

Second Age Themes

  • Hard Science Fiction - During the Second Age, scientific study and technology are dominated by 'hard science.' Advances have to unquestionably obey the Laws of Physics.
  • Cyborgs - The Second Age is typified by the rise of the cyborg. Cybernetics is very popular amongst the 'cutting edge' Empires, as are androids and Real Robots.
  • Non-interventionism - The Galactic Senate rules the Galaxy with the unintelligible powers of bureaucracy, and there is no scope for interfering with 'primitive' civilisations until they are on the cusp of becoming starborn.

Third Age Themes

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